Should I rent or travel with my own bike?

This is a question asked by almost every Wild Rock Travel client. Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question, as every trip and every client is unique.  

The first thing to consider is which trip you are planning to join.  In many destinations rental bikes are simply not available, in which case it will be clearly stated in the booking form for that specific trip.   

In the cycling heartlands like Girona and Mallorca, rental bikes are plentiful so riders can chose to rent or to travel with their own bikes. So, which to choose? 



To take your own?

Our advice is to think carefully about your comfort on your current bike.  If you have made large changes to a stock bike in order to make it comfortable then we’d very strongly suggest that you take your own bike.  Changes to handlebar width, stem length, etc. typically mean that you simply will not be comfortable on a rental bike with standard set-up.

Indeed, traveling with your bike might seem a bit overwhelming but it is really just a big suitcase. Wild Rock Travel can take care of the packing and unpacking so all you need to do is get it to and from the check-in counter at the airport.  

On any Wild Rock trip the one certainty is that you will be spending many hours on your bike.  If you are comfortable on your bike you will have a better trip; that much we can guarantee!

To rent?

For riders who have always been comfortable on long rides with a standard off-the-rack set-up, renting is a simple solution.  If you choose to rent we still strongly suggest that you bring your own saddle and pedals (if you use a clip-in pedal system).

Finally, if you are renting then it is very important that you take accurate measurements of your existing bike.  This will ensure that your rental bike can mimic the fit of your personal bike as closely as possible. Watch our handy video below to learn exactly how to take correct measurements from your bike.


Whether you’re renting or bringing your own bike, let us set it up for you - Submit Your Bike Measurements here.


How to measure your bike

How to measure your bike to ensure a comfortable rental bike