Wild Rock Travel was born from a passion for riding bikes in amazing places. For the last 15 years, we’ve led groups of Canadians to some of the most iconic cycling destinations across Europe. We pride ourselves in providing the cycling experiences of a lifetime, and part of that commitment involves creating custom cycling vacations for our clients.

Have you ever been on a cycling trip and found yourself frustrated at the pace of your group? You’re a strong rider, yet you’re constantly held back by slower travellers and bored by the routes. Or maybe, you struggled to keep up with the show-offs up front, and found yourself in the back of the sag wagon far more frequently than you’d hoped. It’s a common problem on cycling tours, and one that our team works hard to ensure doesn’t happen to our guests.

Wild Rock Travel offers a unique approach to guiding - we cater each trip and each route to the riders, often leading 2 or more different routes per day - stronger riders ride together on a more challenging cycling route, and others enjoy an easier, shorter route. That means we can successfully lead very diverse groups, and everyone comes together at the end of the day to share a meal and stories from the saddle.

Our custom cycling vacations allow you to take full advantage of our expert knowledge of incredible cycling destinations and our unique guiding style. We’ll build a custom itinerary based on your group’s dream destination and the dates you’re all available. We design the cycling routes based on the riding abilities of the people in your group, and what you are excited to see. Accommodations, restaurants and coffee-shop stops can be selected to create the exact mix of activity and down-time you’re looking for.

Custom cycling itineraries are available for groups of 8 and larger. Reach out to us with the button below, and our trip planners will work with you to develop the perfect itinerary and quote.