Kieran, co-founder, has a wealth of guiding and cycling experience. From the track farm-track road network in Mallorca to the Alpine passes of Spain, France and Italy - Kieran somehow knows them all.  Kieran brings almost 40 years of road cycling experience and stamina to the table. His sense of adventure ranges from helping a client find the perfect gift to bring home for a loved one, to keeping you company when your day goes sideways and you just don’t have the legs.

Favorite Destination: Mallorca




Scott, co-founder, is a natural leader with years of experience guiding paddling, climbing, mountaineering, and cycling trips. Scott pioneered many of the locations Wild Rock Travel visits including Barbados, Provence, Vercors, Tuscany and many of the trans trips. Scott is a diesel on a road bike and always a pleasure to ride with!

Favorite Destination: Dolomites and Provence




Our resident Spaniard on staff. Jon is an experienced Mallorca guide with deep family roots in Spain, and you won’t be surprised to know that he is fluent in the language as well. Jon has been riding a bike his entire life and his passion for cycling and Spain are contagious. This enthusiasm and his caring nature make him a client favourite. 




Brayden has been riding and racing bikes for the better part of his life. Having worked with Wild Rock for the past seven years, he’s had the opportunity to guide cycling groups in Mallorca, Girona, the Pyrenees, Tuscany, the Vercors Massif, the French Alps and the Dolomites. He has a passion for riding in the mountains and an uncanny knack for finding great coffee stops.

Favorite Destination: Girona




Alex heads many of our mountain bike trips and is a regular guide on our trips to Mallorca, Barbados and Vermont. In addition to being an expert bike fitter at Wild Rock, Alex also manages our travel bookings. He’s usually available at the store Monday to Friday 10-6 and is always a great resource for clients travelling with us.

Favorite Destination: Mallorca and Barbados



Donna has been teaching, guiding and coaching her whole life.  Fluent in Spanish after spending years in South America, Donna is an asset in any cafe! Donna retired from teaching and now spends some of her time working at the store and helping us on cycling trips.

Favorite Destination: Mallorca




Tori is the manager of our cycling department at Wild Rock Outfitters and a great resource for all of our travel clients. Her outgoing, friendly and approachable demeanour make her a fun and compassionate guide. Tori is an experienced world-traveller and outstanding rock climber!

Favorite Destination: Tuscany



Zac is one of our expert guides and has travelled with us on numerous trips across Tuscany, the Pyrenees and the Dolomites. Having retired from a successful 24-hour mountain bike racing career, he now spends most his time on a bike chasing road signs with squiggly arrows and populating the unpopulated areas of Strava’s heatmap. Never afraid to explore the road less ridden, Zac is always a pleasure to travel and ride with.


We consider all of the staff at Wild Rock Travel to be guides. Sometimes we will be providing van support, sometimes we will be shuttling luggage, and sometimes we will be riding with you.

Whatever it is that we are doing on any given day, we are always there to make sure that the trip runs as smoothly as possible!

From the early stages of trip planning to the day you arrive home, you can count on us to be there for you.