Scott Brayden and Brian were absolutely the best guides I have ever had in any sport. Truly exceptional! I would and have absolutely recommended Wild Rock to everyone I meet. Thanks for an unforgettable experience in Mallorca!!!
— David Staples
I was part of a large group that WILDROCK took to Mallorca.
- Overall the trip was pretty flawless. Brayden, Scott and Brian were great on the road and off. Everything from building our bikes on day 1 to getting us to the airport at the end. They managed it all super well.
- The hotel was great, catered well to cyclists and had everything we needed. A few comments on it.
- For future groups I would break up the dinners and have a dinner Out every second night. While the buffet is awesome, it’s not very “Spanish” this isn’t a criticism of WILDROCK or the buffet, i just think it would have been good to get off the property (that Bistro you recommended on our last night was awesome. I’m sure there’s many places like that).
- Given the quality of the rental bikes and the insane cost to get our bikes there ($600 cad) I’d HIGHLY recommend that people rent bikes for Mallorca. Again not a criticism of WILDROCK. Just a comment on the overall experience.

Things I loved:
- all the cafe stops they were quaint and very well thought out
- lunch on our recovery day was an awesome spot. In the piazza with the cool cycling shop around the corner highly recommend it
- our first day we had lunch at a spot on top of a climb it was great. Good food and scenic. Highly recommend
- Sa Collabora and Soller were incredible. As was Cap de Formentor. I’m glad we didn’t push for more on any given day.
- I thought WILDROCK did a great job of having guides on bikes (who can keep up) and strategically placing the sag when they couldn’t (top of climbs) this is not always the case with other groups and it goes a long way.

I’ll highly recommend WILDROCK to anyone who asks. I’m also starting to plan my next trip and you’ll be a part of it.

Thanks guys.
— Christopher Ferron
I have enjoyed several cycling trips organized by Wild Rock Outfitters. Without exception their attention to detail in travel, accommodation, riding support, route selection, and finding attractions along the way has been awesome. They have an uncanny ability to make the trip challenging but fun and rewarding for a wide range of riders. I have seen many things from the saddle of my bike I would have never come close to without them. I can’t wait to go again.....
— Greg Elmhirst

Wildrock trips are well-organized with all details taken care of such as accommodations, meals, cycling routes, etc. You just have to worry about getting there and back. I will definitely be booking future trips with Wildrock.
— Jeff Minicola

I have been fortunate enough to go on a number of Wild Rock cycle trips. The trips have always been fun and extremely well organized with good accommodations and food. Riders at all levels all welcome.

Everyone is supported to develop their skills and fitness while riding at a level they feel comfortable. I particularly like their reward theory of exercise approach where you go out, ride hard, and then come back to enjoy good times and good company.
— Bruce Kidd

Wild Rock Travel is amazing! They take all of the stress and scheduling worries out of your vacation by handling ALL of the details, allowing the vacationer to enjoy a stress-free cycling trip through gorgeous countryside the way a cycling holiday should be. The Wild Rock staff are amazing tour guides — full of all sorts of interesting tips to make the vacation even better.
— Mar-Jane Pilgrim

The best way to describe my experience with the Wildrock Pyrenees Cycling Trip is phenomenal! From start to finish the trip was well organized with some of the best cycling routes and cultural experiences one can imagine. It will certainly be an experience I will never forget and will certainly look forward to another one!
— Dean McGregor

The Wild Rock trip to bike the Alps in 2013 was my dream trip. Not only were the routes amazing, but both Scott and Kieran always went out of their way to make the trip the best it could be.
— Paul Buttimore

With Wild Rock looking after all of the logistics, you’re free to enjoy the majesty of the cycling destination, carefree.

A large part of the tour experience with Wild Rock is sharing new discoveries with likeminded individuals.
— Dave Girolametto

Best trip ever.
Best guides ever. Really.
Spectacular scenery.
An island with everything in under 130 km.
Experienced, organized, & accommodating guides.
Something for everyone.
A lot of fun.
Great lunches.
Just do it ... You won’t regret it or forget it.
Super people. Really welcoming. They work hard & yet make it seem effortless.

Really, you guys have something special that you bring to the trips. It’s intangible, but present throughout.
— Lisa Hicks