Signature Series

Our Signature Series trips are those that we have selected to to run on specific dates. These trips are scheduled based on the best times of year to travel to our destinations. Signatures Series trips are perfect for individuals, couples and small groups. Our unique approach to group travel ensures that all members enjoy their experience. On many of our Signature Series trips, we offer 3 different route and group options to choose from each day, so that friends or partners with diverse abilities or interests each enjoy the perfect ride for them. At the end of the day, everyone comes together over a great meal to share their own experiences.

Custom Itineraries

Our custom cycling vacations allow you to take full advantage of our expert knowledge of incredible cycling destinations and our unique guiding style. We’ll build a custom itinerary based on your group’s dream destination and the dates you’re all available. We design the cycling routes based on the riding abilities of the people in your group, and what you are excited to see. Accommodations, restaurants and coffee-shop stops can be selected to create the exact mix of activity and down-time you’re looking for.

Custom cycling itineraries are available for groups of 8 and larger. Reach out to us with the button below, and our trip planners will work with you to develop the perfect itinerary and quote.


Trip Styles


ride CAMP

A ride camp style trip means we stay in 1 or 2 locations.  This is the style for you if you loathe repeatedly packing and unpacking. These trips immerse you in a community and allow you to discover the special features of your destination that can only be appreciated with time. Plus, when you find a great cafe you can actually visit it again.

In general, the rides are loops from the hotel. On occasion we do shuttle rides where we load bikes and people on to buses to be dropped off a distance away and ride home. Ride camp trips give more time for socializing and after riding activities.


Trans-trips involve starting most days in one hotel and finishing at another.  In the morning you leave your packed bags for the guides to deal with and then you get to spend your day riding from Point A to Point B. Your luggage is shuttled in a van and will be waiting for you at your new hotel.

We’ll often stay more than 1 night with at least one of the hotels on a trans trip, but generally we are on the move!  This style of trip gives you the pro tour rider experience and you get to see an enormous amount of geography!